7×8 | 2020 | Series 4 | Hugh Burrell

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Hugh Burrell NSW – The Five Elements Orrery


What’s your favourite aspect of being an artist?

To create in the world the wildest thing I imagine.

Do you have a favourite material you like to work with?

I love all materials, especially re-working found items into art. I’m fascinated with steel currently and its ability to create seemingly impossible shapes which are still mechanically sound.

Would you rather share an Uber with Barbara Hepworth or Cornelia Parker or Antony Gormley?

Cornelia Parker & Antony Gorlmey.

If you could meet any artist (from the past or present) who would it be?

Andy Goldsworthy.

What are you most excited for about SWELL?

It will be my Orrery’s first erection.

When did you first realise you loved creating art?

I have always loved creating, drawing and building things since a child.

Do you like playing music while you work? If so what’s your favourite genre of music to listen to while you work?

I like 60’s Jazz or 80’s pop.

Are you a night owl or early bird?

I’m a flexibird.

Do you find making art a therapeutic or chaotic process?

Therapeutic, creation is my zen space… even if I’m impatient with the process sometimes I have a will which overcomes my frustration. The final result drives me.

What’s the WOW factor of your piece?

The size and the layers of movement.

What do you want the public to see through your current artwork?

Our future lying in the preservation of the environment.

What does SWELL mean to you?

It is a dream coming true. I injured myself badly during the build of  the Orrery at the beginning of March this year. This meant it didn’t get to show in the Bermagui Sculpture show. My left hand may never function again the same. The cost of this creation has been immense. I am so excited to see it to fruition.

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