German Jauregui QLD– Flow. The power of a single golden module has been created with simple geometry to bring harmony when it blends with itself into the greater pattern of a single whole. Geometry is the language of man to provide rhythm to the eye and these rhythms are the root of human activities. Flow represents this imperceptible rhythm, with a hidden sequence behind the intense and passionate red colour. A piece with multiple points of view.
Russell Solomon Food for Thought Photo: Masa Russell Solomon QLD – Food for thought. Rubbing Buda’s belly for good luck, rolling the ball in the lion’s mouth and spinning prayer wheels in temples are some examples of interactions with sculptural forms. As a young boy my Grandfather introduced me to the Paul Klee image of
Charles Robb creating the likeness of General Sir John Monash Image: Charles Robb is an Australian artist based in Brisbane.  His work focuses on sculptural, digital and photographic media and explores notions of subjectivity and incidental form. His work has been seen in both group and solo exhibitions at venues including MONA (Hobart), the
Kristen Baade is a talented Queensland artist. Her work Lenticular Lenses is used to display multiple images from different viewing angles. Her intention with Lenticular Lenses is to create an engaging visual effect by using wind power, gear trains and lenticular lenses. Kristen intends to use them to create an animated effect, by using a
  Clayton Blake is a Queensland artist who has taken his artwork all over the world. His artwork for SWELL this year, Transparent Connection, represents the connections and relationships we have are the single most important aspect of our lives and we must strive for greater transparency with one another. The artwork encourages us all
Brad Hill is a talented Queensland artist. His work Caged is a reflection on emotions of mental illness. Behind closed doors nobody knows what you’re experiencing or how you’re feeling. We all put on a fake persona where we are caged behind our emotions. Let’s strip the cage. Writer Haley Smith spoke with Brad about
Philip Darnton is an international artist from the United Kingdom. His work is concerned with creating and exploring space and how that space can then be altered and affected. The piece is influenced by the mathematical models of Arthur Moritz Schoenflies. Some influence was derived from concepts present in skateboarding. Writer Haley Smith spoke with
  Wendy Johnson is a local New South Wales artist. Her work “Mothers Wisdom” is a symbolic teapot, like mother’s wisdom that passes through centuries, across geographical and cultural boundaries. Down through time it is constantly being poured out and replenished. The ritual of tea drinking provides an occasion to pause from the fast-flowing current
Rebecca O’Connell is a local New South Wales artist. Her work Spiralling Connections centres around the investigation of belonging and connection. In an ever increasing digital age how do we maintain genuine connections with each other and the natural world we were once wholly immersed in? Writer Haley Smith spoke with Rebecca about what inspires
  Anna Bonshek is a local Queensland artist. Her work Structure references the built form conceived by the human mind utilising nature’s resources. Fashioned wood frames connect via stacking and are held by weight of tree lumber. This simple, monumental work honours nature and the impulse to bring structure into being. Part of an intimate