7×8 | 2020 | Series 6 | Lana Scoville

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Lana Scoville NSW – Interconnection


What’s your favourite aspect of being an artist?

Birthing ideas and seeing them come to life.

Do you have a favourite material you like to work with?

I like to use materials that are often overlooked. Anything from used tea bags, to fallen wood on the forest floor to scraps of material that I dye with food waste.
I like the idea of using recycled, salvaged or mundane materials and transforming them.
There is something special about  gathering large quantities of a material, together they become something else completely.

Would you rather share an Uber with Barbara Hepworth or Cornelia Parker or Antony Gormley?

Ohhhh Antony Gormley for sure! I feel I know him personally from the amount of interviews I have watched of his. I love his process and the work he produces.

If you could meet any artist (from the past or present) who would it be?

Eva Hesse!!!
Her work speaks to my soul. It’s visceral and so emotive. Her mediums and themes were pushing boundaries for her time and I have been in love with her from the beginning.

What are you most excited for about SWELL?

Getting to know other like minded artists and being exposed to the incredible work that Swell always delivers.
Also delivering art to the broader community.

If you could go anywhere in the world to be inspired where would you go?

India, I have spent a lot of time in India over the past 10 years and it always resets me and puts things into perspective. The vibrant colours, textures, smells and people fill me up.

What job did you do before becoming an artist/ or what do you do on top of being an artist?

I teach yoga on the side, I feel any emerging artist like myself needs a side hustle of some sort.
Yoga is a nice contrast to art as I am able to really connect with the community.
Sometimes life as an artist can get rather isolating so its nice to have the two.

Are you a night owl or early bird?

I have recently entered into my 30s and finding I am transitioning from a night owl to a morning person.
I also have newly found a love for surfing which inspires me to get up earlier.

How have you grown as an artist since you started out?

Leaps and bounds, I would say my topics and themes are still generally the same but the ways in which I  execute them are constantly evolving and growing.
Every piece I create I learn something new.

What’s the WOW factor of your piece?

You will have to wait and see 🙂

How do you think SWELL Sculpture brings art and the local community together?

With any form of public art it allows the community to be exposed to art in a more intimate and personal way. This inspires a greater connection between the community and the artist and allows more dialog to unfold.

How many SWELL Sculpture Festivals have you been too?

This will be my first 🙂

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