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SWELL Smalls Gallery 2023 Artwork – Cause and Effect

‘Cause and Effect’, an aluminium panel using the artist’s distinctive art making technique – that’s right, Rae shoots her work! 

Cause is expressed by the brass casings from recycled empty 12-gauge shotgun shells that adorn the aluminium, covering large parts of the panel contrasted by Effect, the intersection of the shot pellet, as small protrusions that warp the aluminium creating dynamic, beautiful textures, and patterns.

Rae has chosen to present the panel in a way that amplifies the textures of Cause and Effect and their reflective qualities.

Shot with Love Jewellery

‘Shot with Love’ copper and aluminium leather wrap bracelets, earrings and brooches are defined by a process in which Rae uses a 12-gauge shot gun aimed at copper and aluminium to create explosive and gestural wearable artworks.