SWELL 2021 | We, The Ocean | Nadia Milford & Dani Cabs | CURRUMBIN BEACH | FREE

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‘We, The Ocean’ is a collaborative sculptural installation and live

performance series co-directed by contemporary dancer, Nadia Milford, and artist, Dani Cabs.

The four-part series is designed and curated as an

interactive and reactive performance that transforms,

photosensitive material into a unique masterpiece.


The first performance creates the artwork through movement to a bespoke

soundscape on top of a sheet painted in cyanotype – a photosensitive emulsion

that reacts to sun exposure, turning the fabric a deep blue.

The dance over the fabric blocks areas from the light, creating an intricate pattern

across the material before washing it in the ocean to solidify the photographic process.

Across the four-part series, each performance is a reminder

of the movement all around us, the change that’s always

occurring, and invites viewers to look a little closer at what

was, and what is now, to reveal life’s beautiful



Viewers are invited to wear headphones to listen to the

beautiful sound score composed by Anna Whitaker and be

inspired to walk and move across the installation, to place

sand on parts and uncover others and become performers

themselves in engaging with the work.



Original costume designs by Ella Lincoln

Sound compositions by Anna Whitaker and

Dramaturgy support from Ashleigh Musk.



When |   Friday 10 Sep.

Sunday 12 Sep.

Saturday 18 Sep.

Sunday 19 Sep.

Where | Currumbin Beach, Pacific Parade, QLD. (on the beach, out from the SWELL Central Information Hub, at the intersection of Murraba Street and Pacific Parade, Currumbin Beach)

Time |    First performance is 4 pm on Friday 10 and then 5 pm for the following three performances. (each performance runs for 10 – 20 mins)


From Friday at 5 pm the performance center piece will sit on the beach for viewers to interact with….to dance on, walk over, talk to, sing….cartwheel. The piece will evolve over the duration of the exhibition.

Headphones will be available at the sculpture site to listen to the bespoke soundscape between 4 pm to 6 pm daily from Friday 10 Sep. to Sunday 19 Sep. inclusive.


We, The Ocean is proudly supported by Regional Arts Development Fund.
The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the City of Gold Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.