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Join this years exhibiting SWELL artists: Frederick Beel, Hooman Jaffar, Kirsten Baade and Leonie Rhodes, where they discuss their motivation, practice and personal experiences, hosted by SWELL’s co-founder artistic director and curator, Natasha Edwards.

When | Monday 13th September

Time | 6.00pm – 7.30pm (panel kicks off at 6:30pm)

Where | DUST TEMPLE 54 Currumbin Creek Rd, Currumbin Waters QLD 4223

Cost | $11 + bf (ticket includes a drink)

SWELL Smalls Gallery and Dust Temple bar open from 4 pm daily

Delicious food and drinks are available to purchase from Dust Temple’s Spring Menu.





| Meet your panelists |


SCULPTURE: ‘Inner City’ by Frederick Beel

The artist is concerned about urban sprawl and how this can negatively impact on the environment. The mass clearing of trees and or, the use of prime agricultural land for housing development needs to be reassessed. For sometime engineers and architects have been promoting smarter use of space in our cities, build up instead of outwards, green building towers already exist, working from home is the new normal.

“Inner City” highlights the usable negative space in our cities that could be used to greater advantage.

About Frederick Beel

Frederick Beel is a semi retired machinist/toolmaker/fitter type person who is incredibly creative and inventive. His skills and experience gives him a great understanding of materials (especially metal) and what can and cannot be done with them, he knows how things work. This foundation, coupled with a very active imagination has been successful in the commissioning of several large public art pieces, as well as winning awards for his 3D work.


SCULPTURE: ‘# l i f e t i m e’ by Hooman Jaffar (in collaboration with Taylah Jardine & Owen Thompson)

The outer ring of the sculpture in plan represents a clock, 12 vertical sticks set out in a radial display. The inner circles symbolize ordered chaos, a time warp, a series of vertical sticks to depict a relative, comparative version of time.

A mirrored prism in the center of the circle is a reflection of time. We are all a reflection of time. Mirrors are spaced within and around the sculpture to force perspective. These are strategically placed to reflect off each other to encapsulate an infinite reflection of oneself.

About Hooman Jaffar

Hooman Jaffar and Taylah Jardine work together at RealSpace Creative Pty Ltd – a Gold Coast-based Architectural Consultancy. Our projects range from Sculpture, Retail Fitouts, Hospitality (Restaurants/Cafe’s) to Custom Residential, Commercial and Childcare Centre designs. Hooman Jaffar is a qualified and Registered Architect with 22 years’ experience in the industry. His career has spanned the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Singapore and Qatar – working with various Architectural Practices and Developers. Taylah Jardine is a Graduate Architect from Griffith University. She has been with the company for two years – working in collaboration with Hooman on all aspects of design and documentation.


SCULPTURE: ‘Bin Chicken’ by Kirsten Baade

This sculpture is built out of reclaimed rubbish as an ode to Bin Chickens and a reminder of the impacts of habitat destruction.

Bin Chickens AKA Ibises are an Australian icon. Their dirty feathers, leathery heads and pointy beaks can be seen scrounging through trash and stealing chips.

Despite their poor reputation, ibises haven’t always been “filthy trash birds”. Native to Australian wetlands, they have been forced into our city environments due to urban development. Scavenging from bins and landfills is one way that ibises adapt to survive.

About Kirsten Baade

Kirsten Baade creates vivid and engaging art. Her work includes kinetic and illuminated installations as well as murals and sculptures. Her colourful pieces are often based around patterns and perceptual experiences. She has a degree in robotics engineering and she incorporates these skills into her creative practice.

Kirsten has produced work for festivals and organisations including SWELL Sculpture Festival, Vivid Sydney, BIGSOUND Festival, Taco Bell, Brisbane Canvas and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.


‘Boom Boom’s Boom Box – An Interactive Self-Portrait Environment’ by Leonie Rhodes

DJ Boom Boom Bean Selecta (BBBS) is a feline avatar for artist Leonie Rhodes. This mischievous, misfit, music making cat character loves to help people come together and dance. Boom Boom’s favourite things are basslines, friends, sound systems and the outdoors!. You are invited to play your favourite song through the speakers and to write a message to a person or creature who you love, who might not always fit in, because in the end the coolest cats are the strangest kittens.

About Leonie Rhodes

Leonie Rhodes is an established, acquired and award-winning artist from South London, now working from Meanjin (BNE) on unceeded Jagera and Turrbal land. Leonie studied Fine art Sculpture at Chelsea School of Art London and Figurative sculpture at the New York Studio School, NY.

Primarily a sculptor, Leonie produces fine, street art portraiture in Bronze. Influenced by the figurative and religious history of art, graffiti and underground counter-culture, Leonie also makes paintings, performance pieces, events and public participatory installations.



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