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Born in New Zealand in 1960 Suzi studied Graphic Design at Auckland Technical Institute and moved to Gold Coast Australia in 1982 where she works as a visual artist and sculptor.

Suzi’s work draws on her love and respect for human narrative, nature and the environment. Her works portray and question the passing of time and the concept of space and distance. Working with different materials, including found and repurposed objects, Suzi’s work alludes to life and questions the notion of sentimentality. Learning to dissect and understand the value and effect of time, action and process in both nature and human life plays an important role in the reason for Suzi’s work.

By exploring distinctive concepts, Suzi creates work to evoke tactile experiences through scale and perspective and incubated space. These elements encourage the viewer’s engagement and elicit a response to spark dialogue amongst an audience and peers.

Suzi has created artworks for private gardens, children’s parks and public spaces. She has collaborated with architects, engineers, school students and community on various creative projects.


2021 SWELL ARTWORK – Hollow by Nature, Suzi Lucas and Steve Collom

We cut down trees for our own financial gain, peace of mind or convenience. The need to stop and think about the reason for this action is more important and urgent than ever. Can we preserve or replace what we intend to cut down? Have we looked closer and discovered who inhabits the trees and hollows? Habitat loss comes at a huge cost to animals, ecosystems and environment. In this universe everything is connected.


SWELL Kids Artist Statement – Hollow by Nature, Suzi Lucas and Steve Collom

Lets think about the trees before we cut them down. What animals are living in them?
Where will they live if we take away their homes? Could we plant other native trees and put nest boxes close-by?
Have a good look around your neighbourhood and see if you can spot the hollows and the cool animals that live in them.


Instagram: @suzilucas_artoutside

Website: www.suzilucas.com

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 10-19 September.