SEASONAL WINE TASTING   Sitting amongst the SWELL Smalls sculptures, you will be guided through six outstanding wines from award-winning wineries. Brenton Jull, Sommelier and Bacchus Wine Merchant Queensland State Sales Manager, will educate and entertain – telling the untold stories from the bottle. Sitting amongst the SWELL Smalls sculptures, you will be guided through
About Beckah….. Beckah Amani takes songwriting to a new place, a place of fearless embodiment of emotions presented through utterly vulnerable and intensely profound lyrics. Her brand of honesty is rooted in her disarming vocals, expressing reflections of our world and ourselves through a candid lens intricately digging deeper into narratives meaningful and relevant. She
SWELL ARTIST PANEL AT SWELL FRINGE Join this years exhibiting SWELL artists: Frederick Beel, Hooman Jaffar, Kirsten Baade and Leonie Rhodes, where they discuss their motivation, practice and personal experiences, hosted by SWELL’s co-founder artistic director and curator, Natasha Edwards. When | Monday 13th September Time | 6.00pm – 7.30pm (panel kicks off at 6:30pm)
SCULPTURE MASTERCLASS WITH PHILLIP PIPERIDES The art of sculpting a torso. This masterclass invites art lovers and sculpture enthusiasts of all levels to immerse in a full day of creative exploration. Students will transform a block of clay into a beautiful torso,  reflecting the life model with Phillip’s master craftsman guidance. This SWELL Masterclass will
EKPHRASTIC POETRY AT SWELL FRINGE PRESENTED BY STORYFEST Experience a group of wordsmiths performing a vivid, dramatic and verbal (real or imagined) description of the exhibiting SWELL Smalls artworks. Wordsmiths will create, reimagine, reinterpret and blow you away with song, movement, prose, poetry and prose poetry, opening your eyes to new ways of looking at
MEDIUM RARE: ARTIST PANEL HOSTED BY CHRIS BENNIE AT SWELL FRINGE As part of SWELL Fringe Festival THE WALLS ART SPACE will present MEDIUM RARE; site-specific art and sculpture: responding to the physical and psychological landscape, here and now. Join us at Dust Temple to hear from THE WALLS ART SPACE artists hosted by Dr
BEATS AND BEERS: CHRIS BENNIE PRESENTS OLYMPIC POOL MAINTENANCE AT SWELL FRINGE SWELL Fringe Festival presents Beats and Beers with Chris Bennie. Olympic Pool Maintenance League is a techno project by artist Chris Bennie. It has released on Mord, Oni Recordings, Basse-Cour, Sub-Label White, Occultech Recordings and Pocketmoth. Olympic Pool Maintenance League is informed by
LIFE DRAWING AT SWELL FRINGE This year as part of SWELL Fringe Festival, Life Drawing Sessions collaborates with SWELL artist Christian Newton to bring you an oceanic experience. Large timber carved gastropods will set the scene for our model to interact with and create stories through her poses. Newton sees shells as homes for creatures
PHOTOGRAPHY FORUM AT SWELL FRINGE   Delve into the world of still landscape and sculpture photography and videography. Hear from photography experts; Lincoln Williams, Lexi Spooner, Tony Scott and Peter Ryan on how they capture the essence of people, art and place through their lens. When | Thursday 16th September Time | 6.00pm – 8.00pm
DUST TEMPLE, SPRING COURTYARD SERIES Dust Temple’s delicious bar menu and drinks are available to purchase. Celebrate Spring with the Dust Temple Courtyard Series. Under a canopy of amber lights, enjoy a glass of wine, local beer, and a seasonal menu prepared by the chef. From a colourful selection of entrees to delightfully delicious mains,